What to Do and Not to Do When Promoting

If you are in the business world, then you are most like to believe in promotional products. If you are at a point where you want to promote your product but do not know what you really have to do to make it successful, this article can come in handy for you. The following are simple dos and don’ts of promoting a product.


1. Know Your Audience

When you are trying to promote a product, the first thing that you have to do is know who your customers are. If you do that, then you would have a clear vision of how to grab the attention. With that said, design your promotional item based on the interests of your customers.

2. Distribution Logistics

In order to make an impact, you must first get the promotional item to the customer. Set a clear plan on how to distribute your items. For example, some items might be suitable to distribute them during events and some are just better given away in stores.

3. Add a Special Sparkle

Always make sure to have something creative and catchy as a promotion. A lot of products are promoted but no one would ever be actually interested in them, because they show nothing that is new or enticing enough.


1. Last Minute Orders

Planning ahead has always been a smart move. Do not let yourself be in a situation of not knowing what to do at last minute. For example, not knowing what colors or material to use.

2. Complicated Items

The last thing a customer would like to receive is a sophisticated promotional product that he would not know how to use. If such a thing occurs, the customer is likely to ignore future promotions and even stop purchasing products from that particular company.

With that said, you have a small guide on how to work with promotional items. Plan ahead and be creative!